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HOW IT WORKS.........

I've always had cats, and when we went on holiday, they went to the local cattery - didn't think twice about it.

The cattery I took them to was lovely.  It was run by a couple who clearly cared for my cats, and they were dedicated to their business and the tenants in it. But, my cats didn't like going!! They would howl all the way, and despite my best efforts to reassure them that they are going to a lovely cat hotel, they just didn't listen. I started to get stressed just thinking about them going, and feel guilty when leaving them in their little rooms at said cat hotel :( ........ sound familiar?

Then, I had a lightbulb moment....what if I could leave them at home and get someone who's job it is to come feed them? after-all, that's what I do when my friends and family ask me to care for their pets while away! 

I tried it, and it was fine, no problem. That was easy I thought..... I've never looked back since. 

Some people prefer a cattery to pet home feeding, some do both! It's worth giving each one a go and seeing how your cat is after each one. I had to put my cat back into the cattery last year when we went on holiday as we had the builders in. She was fine, but I knew she'd of been happier at home it's just what I had to do to keep her safe, and give me piece of mind!

So, how does cat sitting work?  My home feeding service for cats is definitely best suited to homes that allow their cats to come and go through their cat-flaps as and when they please (or for indoor cats). I would strongly recommend using a cat-flap that opens only for your pets either through their microchip or collar. This enables a once a day visit to check they're ok, change their feed, water and soil tray, give them a once over and have a quick chinwag before leaving them to get on with their day. If you don't have a cat flap, then we've got a couple of options.  I can visit once per day if you're cats are indoor cats, or I can visit twice a day - Once to let your cat out, and later that day to let them back in. Now, whether your cat decides to come in, is unfortunately out of everyone's control apart from kitty itself, so please bear this in mind! (did I mention fitting a cat flap! - I can recommend someone to do this for £50).

For your reassurance, I will send you daily updates once the cat has been attended to. For complete peace of mind.

Please visit further details area where you can set up a free online account, and here you will find all the information you (hopefully) need, and view pricing, offers, news etc - or contact me via the contact page.

Holiday feeding service for cats!
Home care cats, are happy cats

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